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Frederique Nijenhuis, office manager, joined FolFry in 2010. In addition to her experience in office management and administration, she has, throughout her career, developed skills in marketing and sales.

From 2007 until joining FolFry, Nijenhuis worked for Treasure Depot B.H. while concurrently earning a certificate in automated accounting. In addition to creating and managing website listings, she handled most bookkeeping for the firm.

Formerly, she was the office manager of Asian Pacific Adventures, Inc., a luxury tour operator. Her responsibilities included overseeing four employees, human resource matters, and general administrative office duties.

Nijenhuis worked previously as a branch manager for STA Travel/Council Travel, where she oversaw three employees. Her additional responsibilities included general office duties, sales and marketing communication, and maintaining communication with several departments at California State University, Northridge. Under her watch, sales rose steadily, while operating costs decreased by 25 percent. Nijenhuis began her career as a junior travel consultant at Council Travel.

Nijenhuis earned a B.A. degree in teaching English and geography from the University of Amsterdam.

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